I never thought I would write this post. I am truly amazed.

A few weeks ago, we decided to port our main phone line after 35 years from Belgacom to OVH VoIP service.

Now, the tricky thing was, the Internet line we have with EDPnet in the house is run via the same phone line. This worried me, thinking that I’d end up with my parents losing internet and phone and with me far away. But hey… let’s try it.

Just to make sure though, I called up Belgacom to ask them how these things normally go. After being on hold for 38 minutes in a seemingly endless queue, I decided to call OVH. A few seconds later, I was talking to someone explaining me the process, however with the disclaimer that the information is based on french operators. So I decided to give my internet provider, EDPnet, a call. There I was told that it will ‘just work’, Belgacom would terminate the line automatically, and they’ll step in with a ‘raw copper’ service. Sounds great!

So I scheduled the number port for the 21st of January. Letters arrived from OVH and Belgacom, verifying that I wanted to go ahead with this, and the 21st of January came closer.

Emails from OVH confirming the Number Port

Emails from OVH confirming the Number Port

On the day, I got 3 emails from OVH confirming every step of the number port. The phone service just switched over. Even internet didn’t disconnect. Everything went smoothly. Unbelievable right?

Next, I got a nice email from EDPnet confirming that they heard about the number port, and that they’ll provide the raw copper service on the same line without interruption.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 22.24.57Great! To be honest, I did NOT expect this to go smoothly at all. Given my past experiences with major telephony operators and complex setups like this (with 3 operators involved), I expected to loose my number, loose internet connectivity for at least a few months etc. But no. It all works. So I’d like to thank OVH, EDPnet and even Belgacom for making this a very smooth transition. Awesome work guys!


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Here’s a trailer done differently.

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‘Nuff said.

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Intel has a few ads a year. Often, they just show the new product. But that time has passed. The new Intel ad ROCKS! And they take that very seriously.

As you’ve seen, a very cool ad. I was told that another company’s CEO likes to play the guitar, and I was also sent evidence.

Oles (OVH) and his guitar

On the picture you can see the CEO of OVH, Octave Klaba playing his guitar.

So maybe we’ll see another ad of OVH, similar to the Intel one. What do you think of that? Wouldn’t that be cool?

In case anyone reads this from OVH, tell us, if that would be a possibility, and if not an ad, just send us the video. It hasn’t got to air nationally 😉

For all of you people who want to join and sing, here are the lyrics (source):


I was lost
lots of aimless wandering desk to desk
higher costs
tryin’ to chase away
the endless system threats, yet
trouble tickets everywhere
tangled up in old software
outdated OS left me in despair
Everything has changed
not just rearranged
hardware-based technology
has finally set me free
remote manageability
puts the power just where it should be
with managers of I.T.
like me
Used to be
that software had to go it all alone
now with hardware, it can fly
no end user to ask why
I.T. can finally reach the sky
Everything has changed
not just rearranged
hardware-based technology
has finally set me free
almost overnight it seems
no more PEBKACs in my dreams
I’m so happy I could scream
We manage with our fingers
no longer with our feet
remotely boot and troubleshoot
this new world is really sweet
Everything has changed
much more than rearranged
there’s no more patch and pray
this is a whole new day
even while the OS sleeps
you can make your updates, that is deep
the power’s where it should be
in I.T.
And managers like him

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