Facebook does XMPP!

The XMPP userbase just took a big leap forward! Today 400 million users got their XMPP accounts!

Facebook enabled their XMPP support today. And unlike AIM, I think it’s here to stay!

How do I log in?

Well, just use your Facebook Username and Password, and use the server chat.facebook.com.

So, what does it do?

Well, so far as I can see, it only does Chat. I heard from some people that vCards work, but I cannot confirm this. Service Discovery / Disco is also currently not available. The resource name is your pre-defined one in lower case, followed by a long hash (probably cluster routing information), here my example for Homer-LAN: homer-lan_5769bd69_47F44ABA3F597

I am sure that more and more functions will become available over the course of the next few months. It’s just a matter of slowly scaling it.

One thing which would also be cool is S2S connectivity.

But we’ll see how it goes.

Florian Jensen

Florian Jensen

Traveling the world while working in tech. By day heading up the EMEA Fraud Team at Uber while hacking around on code by night.

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Facebook does XMPP!
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