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    Welcome to FlorianJensen.com

Just found this, and thought I’d post it. It’s the one that paid my laptop.

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Going to FOSDEM!It’s official! I am a speaker at the ninth FOSDEM!

I’ll be holding a talk about Large Scale XMPP. In the last few years we’ve encountered many problems with our XMPP installations, which were directly related to their size and / or the type of infrastructure we run. But I won’t announce too much about the content yet 🙂

I’ll probably post some more stuff about FOSDEM in the next few days. I’ll be updating my pages on FOSDEM.org in the next few days, just need to find some text to write.

I’ll be there on Friday (Beer Event), Saturday and Sunday. So definetly come by and say hello. I’ll probably be around the XMPP Devroom or XMPP Stand.


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just got an IM from Alex about this video.

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This is why I use a Mac and Linux on my desktop machines.

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Still not a proud owner of your own SSD? Still using those old Hard Disks? I would highly recommend that you switch to SSDs if you’re a mildly tempered person.

Well anyway, here’s a tip for everyone who hasn’t made the jump to solid state: try to be nice to your disk drive. Brendan Gregg from Sun’s Fishworks team wanted to see the effects of vibrations on his disk array, so he proceeded to shout at it. On video. Yeah, we bet that’s pretty embarrassing for the drive in question, and what results is a sharp spike the number of I/O operations that take over 5ms to complete. Moral of the story? Yelling at your computer isn’t going to make it run any faster. How about next time we see how it reacts to Ozzy, Mozart and warm, gentle nuzzles?

[Via Slashdot]

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Kina GrannisAbout 1 year ago, I posted the video of Kina Grannis’s song “Gotta Digg”. She posted that video to win a competition by Doritos, which probably thanks to this song she actually did win.

1 year later, she posted the famous song for free as a download on her website. You should definetly check out her album on iTunes too. My only problem is, it’s not on Spotify which is a real pity. Atleast get Gotta Digg up on Spotify 🙂

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starbucksThis morning I received a small quote via Jaiku:

chewypow: so when i worked at Starbucks in little rock, there was this super hot 18 year old, miss teen usa right
chewypow: she came in one day and was talking to me and told me when she was brushing her hair that morning, a lot of it came out.. she then continues to explain that she thought she had ‘chemo’
chewypow: a week later she comes in and uses some mouthwash, and then swallows it. I point out to her that it says on the back if accidently swallowed to call poison control immediately
chewypow: she reads the label and looks at me and says “Oh.. it’s ok. I didn’t do it on accident”
chewypow: exactly. brain synapses stop firing when you hear this story right?
Comment: Sadly a true story

It makes you wonder how we survive at all.


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Because I have danish blood running through me, I sometimes check some danish TV, and I stumbled upon the probably best ad ever! Watch and enjoy. Especially the second one!

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Amazing, right? The company also made some other cool ads, so be sure to check them out at: M2Film.dk

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Spotify just released their update! And now get this: It supports Last.fm scrobbling! Amazing! So just set it up in the configuration of the client and starts scrobbling! The official announcement can be found here.

Now the only thing missing is playing Last.fm recommended songs.

So I’ll be resuming to scrobble finally!

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