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    Welcome to FlorianJensen.com

As I need to catch normally wake up at 5AM to catch a train to Paris, I wanted to go to sleep earlier today. However, that didn’t really work out.

So I browsed the web for random stuff, and stumbled upon the following link:


I read all the mails, and I have to say: AWESOME. Who ever said legal stuff is boring? This is one of the most entertaining reads I ever read. Read it and share your thoughts on it here.

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So, I’ve been in the UK for nearly a year now, and I thought I would share my thoughts on UK broadband.

Why now? Well, I was listening to Spotify, and heard a Virgin Media Broadband ad. Then Alex bugged me yesterday trying to explain why Virgin Media is crap, etc. etc.

So, as it stands, there are 2 technologies available in the UK to the consumer. Cable or ADSL.

So, I have the Broadband XL package from Virgin Media, which gives me 20Mbit/s down and 768kbit/s up on the paper. About 3 months ago, I would’ve said that I would go with ADSL any time. However, since the launch of Virgin’s DOCSIS3.0 Network, the DOCSIS1.0 network became usable. I am now always getting the speeds (90-100%) I should get on paper.

468354223Now, I heard people complain about the traffic caps. Now, being on Broadband XL, and consuming a reasonably high amount of traffic, I often exceed the limits. Basically, they cap your speed to 25% if you exceed 6GB from 10am – 3pm and 3GB from 4pm-9pm.

In all fairness though, 25% of 20Mbit/s is still 5Mbit/s, which is about the same as you can get on ADSL here in Egham.

So do I like Virgin Media? Hell no. It’s the worst internet access I have ever used! But there isn’t any better offer on the market. Yes, the speedcap is annoying, but it’s still better than ADSL.

The thing that’s missing here are alternative ISPs that provide FiOS on their own infrastructure. What about Virtual ISPs on the fibre? That would allow them to have their own routing and peering, however Fibre accross most of the UK? It’s been done on ADSL for a long time. There has to be an alternative to Virgin Media, and ADSL on BTs horrible infrastructure!

It’s the lesser of two evil.

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wc-roadmapSo, I’ve been planning my roadtrip a bit the last few days, as the tickets need to be booked relatively soon.

So, the idea is to fly to San Francisco. Stay there a few days. Then head down to San Jose, passing through Mountain View ofcourse, and visit OSCON for 3 or 4 days. From there on, down Route 101 along the coast, passing through Santa Barbara, which is apparently a must see, to Los Angeles. A few days there, seeing Hollywood etc., and then San Diego. Maybe head into Mexico for a day or so, who knows.

And then, last stop is Las Vegas! The city of gambling!

The whole thing should take about 2 weeks. 2 weeks of sunshine and good times πŸ™‚

The route can also be seen on Google Maps using this link.

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easter-bunnyDid you ever think about why easter exists? Why are there eggs and chocolate?

Well, it actually has to do, as so much in life, with drinking. We drink on Saturday night, and we’re hungover on Sunday, so you have to come up with something to get rid of the kids on Sunday, so that you can get some extra sleep.

First of all, let them start looking for eggs with their baskets. That’s atleast of 2 extra hours of sleep. Once they start making noise again, you go down, and hide plastic eggs with money in them. That’ll keep them looking for the next 6 hours. That’s 8 hours of additional hangover sleep.

And that’s the grownup reason for easter.

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This is the reason why I don’t like Digg and Youtube.

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.
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Since yesterday the weather here in the UK is going nuts! We actually have sunshine?! It’s a mild 15ΒΊC and not raining. The blue sky is only there in the mornings, but still, it’s nice to wake up because of the sun shining through your window. I don’t know if I’m still in the UK, but if I’m not, they’ve done a pretty good job moving Egham to that sunny place too.

Weather Egham.Well, according to my Dashboard widget, this will be the last sunny day atleast for this week, so get out there and enjoy!

And hey, the Term is about to end, so book your tickets out of here! God knows I did πŸ™‚

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So, yesterday evening we celebrated St. Patricks Day (somewhat in advance) here at Royal Holloway. That meant that we had big 250 years Guiness hats, and a lot of Guiness on tap.

Living in the UK, the thing I have noticed is, that parties / nightclubs close at the time where all the rest of the world normally gets started. So at 2:30 (yes, I know, WTF!) the DJ stopped playing music, the house lights were switched on, and security was trying to kick everyone out.

So I quickly got my coat, that I had stashed away behind a sofa in Medicine (the Nightclub). Kneeling down on the Sofa to get the coat, a cute girl that was sitting there asked me if I was Florian. Me, being very surprised, ofcourse answered “yea”. Turns out, that she is studying Management and International Business, and that she stumbled upon my presentation for a Management Workshop that I published here. So we had a short conversation before getting kicked out by security.

That was 1/3.

Next up, standing outside waiting for the Non-Res Bus, I saw my favourite Bartender (the only good Bartender in Xlands), standing there in a happy mood (slightly alcoholized :p ) with his girlfriend and the Ex-President of the Korean Society. We cracked a few jokes, asking ourselves who is the one person that got Excellent in both Machine Fundamentals and Databases, and then parted different ways.

And now, 3/3.

Still waiting for the Non-Res bus, I noticed 2 girls sitting on the side. Walking over there and starting a conversation, turns out, one of them actually studies Computer Science too (although with Maths … euuuuw … Maths!). I was surprised, because I would’ve never guessed that she had a decent musical taste, but she had. If I would atleast remember her name?!

So yeah, a good night. Lots of nice people πŸ™‚ So when’s the next night out?

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