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IreneHey there.

This is the second interview I publish on this website. I had the chance to interview Irene Chan.
She is crazy, open and is always well tempered. She was born in Ludwigshafen (Germany) the 29.10.1990. Nowadays she lives in Belgium, more precisely an one horse town called Mol.

What do you like to do in your free time? Any hobbies?

Yes, i play tennis , i dance two different dances (hip and house) and i love to be with my friends and chill.

What do you like doing with your friends?

Euhm.. pff.. that’s a quite difficult question.. i think just talk and laugh or watch a movie.

Cool … Are there any memorable moments in your life?

Yes there are some, but the best memories are with my sister, in disneyland it was awesome

Any moments of them you can / want to share with us here?

Ya when a bee flew towards my sis and she jumped into a fountain.

What do you want to do later on?

It has to be something creative so i guess media advertisement or fashion design.

Sounds fun. Have you already designed or created something?

Yes, i designed some t-shirts and made a skirt just for fun.

Have you ever worn the t-shirts / the skirt? What did the people think of it?

Yes. They thought it’s a great design so i also designed some of those t-shirts for my friends

What do you love?

I love the small things in live.

And what do you hate? The big things in life?

Yes! I hate wars and people who don’t respect each other.. those things are just too big.. it’s everywhere!

Something else to say?

Step Up!
Well … Just a reminder folks! Irene is having her Sweet 16 Party the 10. November in Mol! So don’t miss it!

Now it’s your turn to post your comments!

PS: I am not responsible for the photo!

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Sometime after the launch of XP, somewhere in Redmond, someone on the Microsoft design team was in the progress of developing something for Media Center. It was believed to be too powerful for public consumption and forever archived in the servers at 1 Microsoft Way. Now 3 years later, a young hobbit man by the name of W3bbo saw light of this unheard of theme, and traveled far and wide to uncover its mysteries. One theme to find. One theme to upload. One theme to rule them all.

Alright, enough Lord of the Rings talk for one day. Devoted Channel9 member W3bbo spotted an interesting theme on one of the “people_ready� television commercials airing in the States. After some dedicated searching, he finally uncovered this mystery XP theme by Microsoft. W3bbo writes,

During Royale’s development (the XP Media Center theme), the graphic artists also produced a black version of the skin, sans the overused “glass� effect. The result is an aesthetic black skin named “Royale Noir�, it even works with Office 2003.

Since the skin was never released (or reached final adjustments) there are a few issues with it: some of the colors don’t meet the overall “feel� (they’re too purple-ish compared to the greys of the bitmaps) and the inactive titlebars are a little too dark.

You’ll find it’s been signed by Microsoft and doesn’t require a custom UxTheme.dll in case there are any doubts as to its authenticity.

If you already have Royale installed, you’ll need to remove it as both of these skins share the same name.

This skin has not been released to anyone outside Microsoft, until now.

Here is a screenshot and the download link

Royale Noir



Extract files to “c:\windows\resources\themes\royale noir� and double click on “luna.msstyles�. Select “Noir� from color scheme. Code-signed by Microsoft. No UXTheme hack required.

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are you tired of stupid Flash 7 on your Linux. That you are not able to watch any cool stuff on the web as it is Flash 8 or Flash 9? Are you sick of the audio not being synchrononous with the video?

Well finally someone has thought about us Linux users at Adobe. They have published the first beta of the Flash Player 9 for Linux.

The only problem now is: Why is there no .deb for my Kubuntu?

Well there is no need for it. If you have flashplayer-nonfree installed you can simply do this:

# wget http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/
# tar xvzf FP9_plugin_beta_101806.tar.gz
# sudo cp flash-player-plugin- /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/
# sudo cp flash-player-plugin- /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/

This will get you and install you your FlashPlayer 9. Then just restart Firefox / Opera and you’ll get your FlashPlayer 9!

Have fun watching all that video content on Youtube, Google Videos, DailyMotion or Myspace.

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GoogleYou could call it the revenge of Google.

The search engine has removed all links to the belgian mewspapers: “Le Soir”, “La Libre” and “la DH”, three major belgian newspapers which have sued Google before.

This was ofcourse not what the court asked for, they only asked to remove the articles from Googles Newspage.

Try searching for one of the three newspapers on Google Belgium and on any other Google. You’ll find links to the newspapers pages on any of the pages except belgium.

Google wants to make clear that they have alot of power, as they are the N°1 search engine worldwide.

This fight is followed by the entire world, as it could encourage other editors to do the same thing as the 3 Newspapers from belgium.

I’ll keep you posted!

(Source: RTBF Belgium)
Feel free to comment !

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GoogleOn Friday, a Belgian court ruled that Google may not publish any news content of any german, french or belgian newspapers without paying or asking them.
So google shutdown Google Belgium, Google France and Google Germany.
If you try to visit google.be / google.de / google.fr you will get an timeout.

I also had problems accessing GMail or it was really slow. Will that be offline too for the three countries?

Here are some links on the topic:
News Article

I had the chance of being early this morning and still got a last screenshot of Googles Page.
But while writing this article, I seem to have lost the tab… I know … really dumb of me.

Lets see when it will be back.

UPDATE (19:20 CEST – 2006-09-23):
The 3 local pages are back online.

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