e71First off, I have to say that I love my E71. I think it’s a great phone. The 2 year old design still kicks most of the new phones’ asses. It’s just stylish, beautiful, slim … just great. But like with all good things, there’s drawbacks. The E71’s bigget drawback is Symbian. It’s not too bad, since the E71 is not a touch screen device, but I was thinking about getting the N97 as a follow up.

The N97 looks amazing. Again, very very stylish. I love the slightly tilted screen when the keyboard is showing, it’s just great. But while testing the phone, I noticed that Symbian is just not good enough for the phone. The hardware is amazing. The design is amazing. The OS is shit.

So what’s next? The N900!

Nokia finally realized that it’s time to move on.

The N900 looks amazing. It has nearly everything that a phone needs to compete with the HTC Hero and iPhone.

First of all: No more Symbian. The N900 is Maemo powered. Maemo is Nokia’s Linux Distribution, based on Debian and Gnome. Maemo was a great OS for the N800/N810 for geeks to hack around on. You could literally run nearly anything on it. The formfactor of the N800 series wasn’t great though. It was more a Tablet PC, than a Smartphone. But now Nokia is back, with Maemo 5!

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All I can say about that video: Wow! The UI looks very slick. It looks extremely fast and like something people would want in 2009. The OS has a lot of Web Integration and being Linux, it would allow to be extended to whatever you want by using apt.

There is one thing missing though: Multi-Touch. All the competition has Multi Touch. Why not add that to the N900 too?

Design wise, I would prefer a more N97 look, especially with the tilting screen. But I guess, the N900 will be the first of many Touchscreen phones by Nokia.

But to say the least, it looks like a very promising phone. So if anyone from Nokia is reading this, pleeease give me a test device 🙂

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Now this comes as a surprise.

A few days ago I was talking to Cedric, a friend of mine, about Keri Hilson’s recent success, and I mentioned that I knew her from a track she made years ago, “Energy”.

About 3 years ago, a friend of mine played me that song, which I found surprisingly good. I have to say, she has a great taste in music.

So today, I was watching some 4Music, and I see this:


Interesting I thought. A nice old song. But a few seconds later:

EyeTVSnapshotNew Video?! This song is extremely old?! How can it not have made it across the Channel, if it has made it across the Atlantic to Belgium?!

Weird country, the UK.

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I guess you all heard of Diggnation and Tekzilla. Well, now there’s a third show from Rev3 which you can’t miss!


But don’t take my word for it….

Would be fun to see the FilmRiot crew also at FOWA in London this year. Pleeeeease Jim 🙂

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So, this morning there seemed to be quite some discussion around the question: Will Spotify fail?

This was started by a video of Loren Feldman which can be found on YouTube.

The question that comes up: Is it important to own Music? I say no.

With a platform like Spotify, you have no interest in owning Music. You can access all your Music anywhere. So why would you want to own it? With the offline syncing feature coming soon, and mobile apps, you aren’t bound to the internet anymore. So it’s like carrying all your music with, anywhere. Even if there’s no internet.

Concerning the music catalogue: Yes, there are some things not in it, however, at the speed that it’s expanding at the moment, it will have most of the music you’d want soon. And if you want music that’s not in the Spotify DB, then just go out and buy the CD. Like you did before.

Why won’t Spotify disappear though? For one, it’s backed by the Music Industry. They have finally recognized that the world of music is changing, and have jumped aboard the Spotify train. So we won’t have to fear any lawsuits killing it.

And then, people are changing. We listen to Music on iPhones and other Mobile devices with Internet Connectivity. We often have all our Music digitized on a PC, so we already use the right devices to listen to Music. So it won’t be a big change to listen through iTunes or Spotify. Especially because Spotify is so much faster than iTunes.

So all I can say here: Spotify will survive 🙂

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What if Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear / BBC) were to be a human instrument. Well, thanks to Swede Mason we know 🙂

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Awesome 🙂

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a very cool way to use post-its.

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Your thoughts?

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So, for the last few days I couldn’t get this track out of my head. Just great 🙂

Daniel Bovie & Roy Rox ft. Nelson – Love Me

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What do you like doing in your spare time?

I like writing, listening to music, playing guitar and being with my loved ones.

Who is your role model?

Apnea, she was my inspiration to get into modeling in the first place.

Why her?

She’s gorgeous, she made me feel okay about doing modeling with a petite build. Her work is very inspirational to me.

[cbc:+au]pinupWhat kind of modeling are you looking to do?

I’m really into the alternative scene. My favourite style is gothic fetish – skin tight latex, tightlacing corsets and 8″ heels.

So what else do you want to do, besides modeling?

In my spare time, I love to jump on cam for guys around the world and play with them.

Really? What are the most common things you do?

Well I like to come on live in really sexy cute lingerie, then strip really slowly. I then ask the guys to order me around and tell me what to do to myself – I love being submissive!

Have you always been a submissive? Have you ever tried the opposite?

I have never tried being dominant. I guess I’m just used to being submissive. Would love to try it someday though!

What was your most interesting situation ever?

The most interesting situation would have to be when i didn’t have a dildo with me and was reduced to using a long candlestick.

Describe your ultimate fantasy

I’m not really into fantasies, i make them a reality! Things I would like to try are gang bangs, threesomes, orgies, public sex and girl on girl (again!).

Again? Tell us about your first time

Well I met this girl, she was the first time I had a friend that was a chick since primary school, so there was defiantley something special about her. We started hanging out a lot, and I grew a crush on her, One night she openly admitted to me that she was a lesbian to my surprise. And things started to get hot and heavy there…

So what should someone know about you?

That I am a very loyal and hard worker. I love to please my clients. Of course I’m going to want to give them an experience so good they’ll want to come back for more.

So how can they get in touch with you, and what else should they know?

To contact me, simply email me at and I will respond promptly. Prices are as low as AUD$50 per 30 minute session. My payment methods are PayPal, and Bank Deposit (for Australian residents only). Payment must be upfront, and in my account before our session.


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Wow, now that’s a long title!

ocean_drive_feat_dj_oriska-with_the_sunshine_aSo, a few days ago, I got an SMS from my FB Alerts, stating that the new album was now released on iTunes. So I immediately got it. It’s an amazing album. The two first songs from it (Some People; Without You) were both very good. But the Album contains some more very very good songs.

The songs I really recommend from the Album: Ofcourse Some People and Without You. But I would have to say, my favorite is: Because.
Other great songs are: For Nobody (great vocal effects!); With The Sunshine; Every Day (very nice track!); Your Man (also great!).

The album is great for clubs / parties and long car journeys 🙂

This is probably one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time. I think the last time I had an Album that was this good, was Bob Sinclar’s ‘Western Dream’.

So if you are into dance music, this album is a definite must. I really hope that this album will soon be available on Spotify, so that I can quickly share it with my friends.

Anyways, I wish everyone from the Ocean Drive project good luck with their album and hope that we’ll see some more releases in future.

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