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amaroK 1.4amaroK 1.4 is out now since a few weeks. I must say it is great. I haven’t seen any music player which is nicer than amaroK. It looks nice, has a nice library, and alot of extensions.
iTunes is crap compared to amaroK. It is my favourite application under Linux.

At this point I want to ask: What is your favourite Music Player? Or is it even amaroK?

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What is open Source?

Open Source exists as a result of the combined efforts of millions of computer programmers, users and software vendors from around the world.

They share their itellectual property freely. And they believe that software should cost nothing and should enrich the lives of users.

Open source software is the alternative and biggest challenger to close source or proprietary software.

It generally costs the user nothing. It can be distributed freely to anyone.

Download it, use it, modify it and give it away.

It’s a whole new world. Open Source is the future of computing.

Why do I tell you this?

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Welcome to my Personal Webpage. I finally found a Domain Name that is quite ok.
So, here i’ll keep you updated about any stuff I find on the Web and any other non-interresting posts.

Have fun browsing!

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