Stress-Free Hotel Stays In 3 Easy Steps

When was the last time you stayed at a hotel? How would you rate your experience, from a safety point of view? Do you feel the hotel staff could have done something different to make you and your belonging feel better protected? Do you think there is something you could have done differently, from the second you made that call to book the room till the end of your stay there? Here are a few ideas that should help you change your hotel safety mentality and increase your odds of enjoying a secure and comfortable stay next time you need to find hotel

What To Do Before Booking A Room

  • call front desk or email the hotel and find out if they have 24/7 security personnel at sight;

  • if possible, book a room located between the second and seventh floors, as they are considered to be within the easy reach of firemen ladders – as well as harder to access by thieves climbing the escape ladders on the exterior of the building.

  • Try to get a room that is located far from elevators and stairwells and make sure the room/lobby have sprinklers.

  • Inquire about the type of locks on the hotel room door; do they have deadbolts or privacy latches installed? Are there any surveillance cameras installed in the hallways and elevators?

Add A Few Safety Items In Your Luggage

  • even if you learn there are latches and safety chains or deadbolts installed on the door of the room you will be booking, it never hurts to be cautious;

  • pack along a portable rubber door-stopper or a portable lock that you should have no problem finding with your regular locksmith or local hardware store.

  • Talk to a licensed and experienced locksmith that handles both commercial and residential locksmith services and have them recommend any extra safety devices you could pack along. Talk to the guys at and see if they are willing to offer any security advice for hotels and other similar accommodation options. The best services that cater to the needs of nationwide customers usually have great customer services. You should be able to talk all the details over the phone and have a trained locksmith come over and introduce their offers in terms of portable locks, personal alarms, and so on.

What To Do Upon Arriving At The Hotel

  • do not wander in the parking lot or the space around the hotel;

  • ask relevant questions concerning the safety of the neighborhood and any peculiar local customs you should know about. Inquire about the local 911-type emergency number and learn how to use their local telephone system.

  • Prop the door open with your luggage upon arriving to the room. Turn on the lights and inspect the door lock, as well as the locks on all the sliding glass doors and windows,or any lock you might see on the interconnecting doors.

  • Maintain the doors and windows locked throughout your stay and always engage the deadbolt and privacy chain. Remember to use the doorstop you have packed.

  • No safe in the room? Keep your passport, cash, and jewelry locked in your suitcase.

  • Before going to bed at night, store your wallet, watch, jewelry, and other valuables in a drawer in the nightstand.

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