Why Spotify won’t fail

So, this morning there seemed to be quite some discussion around the question: Will Spotify fail?

This was started by a video of Loren Feldman which can be found on YouTube.

The question that comes up: Is it important to own Music? I say no.

With a platform like Spotify, you have no interest in owning Music. You can access all your Music anywhere. So why would you want to own it? With the offline syncing feature coming soon, and mobile apps, you aren’t bound to the internet anymore. So it’s like carrying all your music with, anywhere. Even if there’s no internet.

Concerning the music catalogue: Yes, there are some things not in it, however, at the speed that it’s expanding at the moment, it will have most of the music you’d want soon. And if you want music that’s not in the Spotify DB, then just go out and buy the CD. Like you did before.

Why won’t Spotify disappear though? For one, it’s backed by the Music Industry. They have finally recognized that the world of music is changing, and have jumped aboard the Spotify train. So we won’t have to fear any lawsuits killing it.

And then, people are changing. We listen to Music on iPhones and other Mobile devices with Internet Connectivity. We often have all our Music digitized on a PC, so we already use the right devices to listen to Music. So it won’t be a big change to listen through iTunes or Spotify. Especially because Spotify is so much faster than iTunes.

So all I can say here: Spotify will survive 🙂

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  1. Ben 12. August, 2009 @ 3:34 pm

    Good article. I can’t watch that video at work, but it sounds like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about from the comments posted…

  2. Hans 13. August, 2009 @ 3:20 pm

    I fully agree! Good article!

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