Stupidity Redefined

starbucksThis morning I received a small quote via Jaiku:

chewypow: so when i worked at Starbucks in little rock, there was this super hot 18 year old, miss teen usa right
chewypow: she came in one day and was talking to me and told me when she was brushing her hair that morning, a lot of it came out.. she then continues to explain that she thought she had ‘chemo’
chewypow: a week later she comes in and uses some mouthwash, and then swallows it. I point out to her that it says on the back if accidently swallowed to call poison control immediately
chewypow: she reads the label and looks at me and says “Oh.. it’s ok. I didn’t do it on accident”
chewypow: exactly. brain synapses stop firing when you hear this story right?
Comment: Sadly a true story

It makes you wonder how we survive at all.


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  1. chewypow 17. February, 2009 @ 7:49 pm

    HA! This was me. and this is what i get to when i google my sn. awesome

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