Songs for December


I thought I would introduce this to my weblog. Every month a collection of 3 songs which I like or just find funny. 2 of these will be non-mainstream, so you can actually broaden your horizon of musical taste. This will be the first and last music post for 2008.

This month, we have Bob Guetto, Olivier Miller and Guru Josh Project.

Bob Guetto: This is the result of an artist trying to make fun of Bob Sinclar and David Guetta. If you know french, and listen to the lyrics, it’s too funny, not to say hilarious. Look at the small details, like the whisteling, the small kid, the haircut and the glasses.

Olivier Miller: A song that criticisizes the new generation, which only loves through the internet. It has a nice rhythm to it.

Guru Josh Project: What is it about women and power-tools? It’s like in Satisfaction by Benny Bennassi. I just don’t get it? Why would she have a huge hammer? Makes no sense to me. Ow, and she’s hot.

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