An evening at Sun Microsystems

I just came back from London city, where I spent the evening at Sun Microsystems.

Sun held an event dedicated to scaling for startups. As scaling is something very interesting for, I popped into London and joined the event. A huge white building. A gigantic reception with one guy sitting behind it. Sun was the door on the left.


Inside I met up with Artur from Tigase who also joined the event. The evening then started off with a few talks from and Sun. Here’s the Agenda of the evening.

**18:00: **Registration/Networking
18:30: Last FM
Why you should scale and lessons learnt
Mike Brodbelt
18:45: Sun Microsystems,
OpenSolaris- ZFS, Dtrace: Scaling and more scaling the easy way
Phil Harman
19:15: Break
19:30: Proven Scaling: MySQL
Optimise and Scale, now for the future
Mike Griffiths
Why I thought about scaling from day 1
Nick Halstead
20:15: Q&A Roundtable
20:30: Beer and pizza

I just love these events. There’s nothing wrong with Beer and Pizza. It’s a pity that the Pizza was gone quite quickly, about 3 slices a person, but I think that it wasn’t meant to substitute dinner. At this point, I would like to quote Alex: “The only thing that doesn’t scale well, was the Pizza”.

From this event I’ve learnt quite a bit about ZFS and Solaris, and will definetly play around with it the next few days. Also the MySQL scaling parts we’re interesting.

All in one, an interesting night.