Bye Bye E61. Hello E71!

As promised, here’s a post about my new E71.

It has everything the E61 had, and a lot more! The battery life is amazing, 3G or 3,5G works very well, Nokia Maps is very useful, and all the Symbian “Problems” are gone.

A thing which a normal person would expect with a Symbian Phone, is that it’s a bit slow. Not the E71! It loads the applications lightining fast. Best phone ever!

As I’m not really in the mood of writing a lot more, I have found by coincidence a post by Jim Louderback, whom I met this Friday at FoWA, which describes my feelings for the E71 perfectly.

You can read the post here.

On the way back from London, I talked to some guys in the Tube, one of them being an Solutions Expert for Apple, and they all agreed that the E71 would be the better phone, if you would compare it to the iPhone.

The iPhone has been beaten!

Over and out.