Spotify – on crack!

Spotify – on crack!

It’s me again,

A few days ago, Peter Saint-Andre asked me if I knew Spotify and if I would like to try it. I said no, I didn’t know it, and thought, ow what the heck, I have some time to try out this Spotify thing.

So I received an invite, and started playing around with it. Immediately after launching the application, I was shocked. This App was heaven on earth!

Spotify allows you to play any music you like, own it or not, play it in full length, FOR FREE! It’s like the iTunes store without paying! It had nearly all the music I could think of, except a few very recent songs. The thing you might think now, ow, it’s just a Web player, it will take ages to load a song … NO! It’s as fast as my iTunes. When you click on the song, it starts instantly! When you go to the middle of the song, it plays instantly! No buffering! It’s just like any local player!

It’s just like, but with full-length songs and without the social crap.

So, what I would like to see in a future version is, that it imports, or links to, my profile to get my music taste and recommendations, and then plays these. Ofcourse, scrobbling is also needed.

Another nice feature would be a mobile client, for Symbian OS. It’s so annoying to copy over all these MP3s to the Mobile Phone, if you could simply share your playlists with your Mobile. That would be great. PS: Please create a Symbian client. No-one cares about the iPhone anyways!

Before you start asking me here, if I have invites, no, I don’t. Sorry.

If you already have Spotify, please share some of your playlists, as I am always looking at broadening my horizon. I also created a public playlist (so you can add songs to it) called Calm Mood (Various Goodness). If you have good songs for that, feel free to add them.

Then there’s also a Radio Mode. You simply select the decade(s) you want to listen to, and maybe add the few genres, and hit play, which is a nice feature too, if you don’t want to search for tons of music.

But thats not all! It’s cross platform too! Mac OSX and Windows! I guess a Linux version will be out soon!

So I would like to thank Peter Saint-Andre for this great tip, and hope to see you soon on Spotify.

EDIT: I’m sorry, but I had to remove all screenshots, as it’s prohibited to post “screen dumps” by the Beta Agreement.