Record broken

This just arrived from our ISP.

Good morning,

The consumption of our network has exceeded 100Gbps over the whole 280Gbps of total capacity that we have between us and the Internet.

We are the largest hoster in Europe in terms of use and of network capacity. (soon it will be the largest in hoster in terms of the number of servers hosted).

We are currently working to establish new connections, who will allow us to pass from 280Gbps to 350Gbps of network capacity with new peering points (Espanix, Tix, MIX, NIX, PL-IX, WIX, VIX).

Today and tomorrow we will install our infrastructure in 5 London
datacentres then increase the capacity of 1Gbps at Linx to 2x10G.
Next week we install Brussels at 2 datacentres and Amsterdam at 3 datacentres. Then Warsaw, Prague, Vienna, Milan, Zurick, Frankfurt and Madrid.

Also, we are interconnecting new capacity at Teleglobe, Global Crossing and Level3, Paris, London and Amsterdam.

We will interconnect any operator in 11 capitals to any peering point in the 11 capitals for the simple price structure of 100Mbps = 100Euro. And so if an AS lies in Frankfurt and wants 100Mbps on Espanix, the realization of the circuit takes 3 minutes (+ time to move the cables between our facilities and the customer and our facilities and peering point).

At the same time, we will start the tender transit 100Mbps = 100Euro also in the 11 capitals.

These services are oriented to small networks that now pay high prices for IP services precisely because they are small. We believe that when you’re little, you should pay little.

For our transiting, we use for Cisco MPLS layer and Force10 for the switching layer. It runs 10G. For transport between capitals we use our own network based on a Infinera 160x10G capacity. For transport in South and Eastern Europe  we use wavelengths 10G-based network Interoute. We expect to build links to own as soon as we need more 2x10G.

Cool ey?

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