Funny Jabber Publicity Spot – Call for sponsors


a friend (Ben) and myself are planning to create a small funny publicity spot for Jabber at the Brussels Airport. The reason we are doing this, is that we are applying to the IAD, a film school, and need a demonstration video.

So far, we have a rough script, and some ideas. We have contacted the Brussels Airport, who told us that there is a quite a high fee for filming at the airport (at least high for students).

The total cost, consisting of film rights for 2 hours, access passes for the crew (consisting of 5 people) would come up to 350€. This is why we are looking for sponsors.

Funny ideas are of course always welcome too.

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  1. Peter 28. July, 2008 @ 7:25 pm

    Ich wäre mit einem kleinen Betrag durchaus dabei, JID steht ja in der Mail.

    Gäb’ es dann z.B. die JIDs im Abspann gelistet? 😉


  2. Florian Jensen 28. July, 2008 @ 7:35 pm


    we gave up on the idea of filming at the airport. We are now looking into filming simply in Brussels.

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