Flosoft.biz launches revolutionary VPS! The comparison!

As you may have expected, Flosoft.biz has been working over the last few months on their new VPS offers. After nearly 2 months of work, they are ready, and have launched their offer. Their plan to revolutionize the VPS market has succeeded.

Their VPS08 beats the competition on all levels. For comparison we will use Rimu Hosting, VPS Link (Spry) and Media Temple.


RAM is often the main problem with VPS. The VPS08 offers 256MB Ram in it’s base model, and it can be extended to up to 8GB at a price of 4€ / 256MB. The 256MB model costs 9,99€.

The competition is a lot more expensive: Rimu Hosting’s machine Miro VPS2 has 256MB Ram too, and costs 29,95$; VPS Link’s Link 3 costs 24,95$; Media Temple, at 50$ for (dv) Base, is the most expensive of the 4 VPS options.


Harddisk storage is also often very limited on the VPS. The VPS08 comes with 20GB by default, which can be extended to up to 1TB at the price of 2,50€ / 5GB. Again, the machine costs 9,99€.

Rimu Hosting offers up to 16GB of storage on it’s Miro VPS4 at the price of 49,95$. VPS Link’s Link 4 comes with a 20GB Harddisk too, but at the price of 39,95$. Last, but definitely not least, Media Temple, it’s (dv) Base comes with 20GB at the price of 50,00$. Again, a clear advantage for the VPS08 of Flosoft.biz.

Connection & allowed traffic:

Don’t you hate when your machine gets shut down because you exceeded your traffic? Or that when you get your monthly invoice, you see that you have to pay a lot more than you thought because you exceeded your traffic limit? Well, Flosoft.biz doesn’t believe in them, and thus offers it’s VPS without any traffic limit. Again we are talking about 9,99€. This is not some fair use policy, or anything else, but real unlimited traffic.

Do we still have to look at the competition? Quickly said, no other ISP offers unlimited traffic. If you want more than 1TB, you are paying at least 150$ a month.


The VPS08 is a lot cheaper than any offers from Flosoft.biz’s competition. Get one today while they’re still available!