Euro 2008 and Jabber

Hey guys,

Euro 2008

yesterday evening, we had a sort of trial discussion room for Euro 2008. It attracted quite some people, so today we’ll have the same thing, but better.

People can join the MUC room, and join the lively discussion going on in there. On top of that, we’ll try to get a BBC Livefeed integrated, automatic score updates, and maybe some bets on the outcome? We’ll see what we can finish in less than 12 hours.

Any other suggestions are welcome ofcourse.

So how can I participate? It’s easy.

1. A Jabber / XMPP Account

First of all, you would need a Jabber / XMPP Account. If you have Google Talk, you can use that. If not, you can register an account on

2. A MUC capable Jabber Client.

If you want to join the conference, you would need a MUC capable client. Normally every Jabber client supports MUC (Multi User Chat). The Google Talk client however, doesn’t.

For Windows, I recommend Psi or Pandion. For Linux, try Gajim, and for OSX try Adium.

3. Join the MUC Room.

Last but not least, join the conference.

Room: euro2008

Hope to see you there! 18:45 UTC!

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