FlorianJensen.com now with SSL!


I just setup my SSL Certificate on this host, and updated my WordPress to use it. It’s a really nice certificate. Especially, for 19.99€ / year a Class2 Certificate and an additional IP is a great deal.

Website SSL1Not alot has changed at first sight. There is a new logo, but when you take a closer look, you will see that there is a Lock at the top, and the adressbar is yellow. Then there is also a lock at the bottom right. Both these locks indicate that the site is completely secure.

Website SSL2When you click on the lock, you get this information window, which states that the Website is secure and that it is a high-grade encryption. Only the best for my visitors! 🙂

Website SSL3The last window simply shows you all the information about the site owner, me!

As FlorianJensen.com now has an Exclusive IP, new site features will be available soon. The Store is currently being redone, but once it is ready, it will have alot of new features. Personally I encourage every site admin to get an SSL Certificate, as it is simply more secure, and you wouldn’t want to have your Network Administrator to see what you do. 🙂 That is why I even use an OpenVPN Connection when I am in public places. A good example is MSN. With a small tool like Wireshark, you can very easially capture all the data which is sent by MSN on the network. As this traffic is unencrypted, there is no problem for third-parties to read it. So use Jabber!

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