Google Belgium, Germany and France offline, and maybe more?

GoogleOn Friday, a Belgian court ruled that Google may not publish any news content of any german, french or belgian newspapers without paying or asking them.
So google shutdown Google Belgium, Google France and Google Germany.
If you try to visit / / you will get an timeout.

I also had problems accessing GMail or it was really slow. Will that be offline too for the three countries?

Here are some links on the topic:
News Article

I had the chance of being early this morning and still got a last screenshot of Googles Page.
But while writing this article, I seem to have lost the tab… I know … really dumb of me.

Lets see when it will be back.

UPDATE (19:20 CEST – 2006-09-23):
The 3 local pages are back online.

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  1. Florian Jensen 23. September, 2006 @ 7:09 pm

    The local google pages are back online. The question is, what google will do about this problem, as the fine is quite high.

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