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Vista01Hey there peeps, I have recieved a licence key for Windows Vista with Windows Ultimate Extras.

I have been running it now for 12 hours, and have to say, it doesn’t crash more than Windows XP.

I installed it without any problems on my Test PC (P3 700MHz, GF4 MX, 512MB Ram) and encountered no problems. I have tried to do the same thing on VMWare Server, but that didn’t work, which is really a pity.

Then I was at the point of the activation. This didn’t work at all. After searching a few forums, I have found this as a solution. So anyone of you who has problems activating Vista follow these steps here.

After that all worked fine. I have some problems with Nvidia Drivers and 3D Acceleration, but that is only a minor problem. I have posted here some images which you’ll like.

My favourite new features is the RSS Feed Reader in Internet Explorer 7. You can see how it looks like on the screenshots. But there is again or still the problem of Internet Explorer and CSS. It just doesn’t seem to work like CSS and Firefox does.

I hope you’ll enjoy the screenshots, and feel free to ask for more.Screenshots:
Login Screen
Error Screen
Internet Explorer RSS Feed
Solution Center
Start Menu
Welcome Center

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  1. Kyle 1. August, 2006 @ 6:24 pm

    All that there is 100% true.

    I most definitely will be staying with Windows XP Pro as it is a little more stable and has quite a bit less bugs, once i feel that there is a new OS that I want to use or if Vista becomes more staible then I will change (then i can finally use my 64bit power 😛 as 64bit XP doesn’t work good enough to play longer than 10 minutes)

  2. Olu 12. August, 2006 @ 1:35 pm


    I was able to install it on VMWare Server 5.0 (The free distro)

    Will be trying the activation as on Tony’s site. Hopeful all will be OK

  3. JM 13. August, 2006 @ 8:27 pm

    What does your comment mean: \”doesn\’t crash moer than XP?\” XP never crashes, if you use it the way it was designed for. (But you may make it crash if you use it in a crazy way. If you use a Ferrari to move furniture, it will crash) Why should Vista crash? Maybe as it is a Beta. But what is the aim of the comment?

    You managed it to install on a PC that nobody has any more. So, what\’s the use of this info for a normal user? Vista is for the PCs of the future. Why installing it on a sick grandma from the geriatry.

    Problems with Nvidia drivers? This was announced by Microsoft. So what\’s the utility of this info?

    Explorer 7 will also become available for XP users, so it is not Vista specific.

    RSS? CSS? The AAAA doesn\’t allow you to use acronyms without pre-definiton. What? You don\’t know what AAAOA is? Association agains the abuse of acronyms? lol: got you with your own mistakes. Please speak clearly if you wnat to put important info on your web site.
    For example the answer to teh question: what does Vista bring to normal people? Do you really need a new PC? Can you install it without reformatting? Does Vista make beter use of 64 bit CPUs (AMD) or dual core architecture? These are key questions that we need answers for.

  4. Florian Jensen 13. August, 2006 @ 8:45 pm

    I was just telling the people of things that I noticed with Vista.

    For the performance: Linux is a great OS, and it even runs on PCs with less than 100MHz.

    That is what systems should aim for. To run on all specifications!

  5. Florian Jensen 13. August, 2006 @ 8:46 pm

    Olu: I tried to install it on the Free VMWare Server (afaik 1.0) and it didn\’t work. The graphic mode wasn\’t working.

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