Roundcube Webmail

Are you using Thunderbird or Apple Mail? Or even worse, Microsoft Outlook (Express)? Are you always annoyed that you need to setup your Account in your Mail Client? But you don’t want to use Webmail as they are ugly and slow?


Well then it is time to change! Roundcube Webmail has Drag & Drop, you can use the keys, for example the delete button and the arrow keys.

It also has all the features you need! You can read HTML eMails with privacy protection, it supports Multipart Messages and it has an Adressbook.

It is the future of Webmail! It is so easy to use, that you don’t really recognise any difference between Webmail or your Client. The only difference is the time you need to set it up.
That time is 0!!!

Now you may ask where can I use it? What providers provide Roundcube Webmail? Well … does! Or you can just set it up yourself.

If you have a eMail you can login here.

A nice place to look for help is the Roundcubeforum.

Any comments about Roundcube or the Roundcubeforum are ofcourse welcome here. Maybe, if you use Roundcube, you can post about your experiences and maybe some ideas for extensions of Roundcube.