Release of the first Album by Ocean Drive ft. DJ Oriska

Wow, now that’s a long title!

ocean_drive_feat_dj_oriska-with_the_sunshine_aSo, a few days ago, I got an SMS from my FB Alerts, stating that the new album was now released on iTunes. So I immediately got it. It’s an amazing album. The two first songs from it (Some People; Without You) were both very good. But the Album contains some more very very good songs.

The songs I really recommend from the Album: Ofcourse Some People and Without You. But I would have to say, my favorite is: Because.
Other great songs are: For Nobody (great vocal effects!); With The Sunshine; Every Day (very nice track!); Your Man (also great!).

The album is great for clubs / parties and long car journeys 🙂

This is probably one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time. I think the last time I had an Album that was this good, was Bob Sinclar’s ‘Western Dream’.

So if you are into dance music, this album is a definite must. I really hope that this album will soon be available on Spotify, so that I can quickly share it with my friends.

Anyways, I wish everyone from the Ocean Drive project good luck with their album and hope that we’ll see some more releases in future.

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