A St. Patricks Day Story

So, yesterday evening we celebrated St. Patricks Day (somewhat in advance) here at Royal Holloway. That meant that we had big 250 years Guiness hats, and a lot of Guiness on tap.

Living in the UK, the thing I have noticed is, that parties / nightclubs close at the time where all the rest of the world normally gets started. So at 2:30 (yes, I know, WTF!) the DJ stopped playing music, the house lights were switched on, and security was trying to kick everyone out.

So I quickly got my coat, that I had stashed away behind a sofa in Medicine (the Nightclub). Kneeling down on the Sofa to get the coat, a cute girl that was sitting there asked me if I was Florian. Me, being very surprised, ofcourse answered “yea”. Turns out, that she is studying Management and International Business, and that she stumbled upon my presentation for a Management Workshop that I published here. So we had a short conversation before getting kicked out by security.

That was 1/3.

Next up, standing outside waiting for the Non-Res Bus, I saw my favourite Bartender (the only good Bartender in Xlands), standing there in a happy mood (slightly alcoholized :p ) with his girlfriend and the Ex-President of the Korean Society. We cracked a few jokes, asking ourselves who is the one person that got Excellent in both Machine Fundamentals and Databases, and then parted different ways.

And now, 3/3.

Still waiting for the Non-Res bus, I noticed 2 girls sitting on the side. Walking over there and starting a conversation, turns out, one of them actually studies Computer Science too (although with Maths … euuuuw … Maths!). I was surprised, because I would’ve never guessed that she had a decent musical taste, but she had. If I would atleast remember her name?!

So yeah, a good night. Lots of nice people 🙂 So when’s the next night out?

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