Jaiku’ing on the way back from London

JaikuI just came back from London with my brother, and had an interesting conversation on Jaiku on the way back.

flosoft: On the way back from London City after a day of showing the city to my brother
dwd: Oh, dear lord, there’s two of you?
sciasbat: rotfl
sparhawk: clones, indeed… 😉
flosoft: It’s called redundancy 😉
dwd: Load balancing, for those cases there’s too much beer?
flosoft: Nah, in Belgium that would work, but the drinking age here is 18, which complicates the loadbalancing process
dwd: No, the buying-drinks age and the drinking-drinks-in-a-bar age is 18. Drinking age is 4.
dwd: Specifically, a child of 4 can sit in a pub garden and drink alcohol, if he can find someone else to go to the bar and buy them.

You learn so much just by Jaiku’ing 🙂

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