Booty Luv live at Royal Holloway’s SU

Last Wednesday was an SU night unlike the others. It started off with 1h30m waiting in line for tickets in front of the SU in the freezing cold. The queue wasn’t as long as it was for the Malibu night, which was surprising as the SU announced to have a live performance by Booty Luv. After nearly freezing to death, the SU openend 30 minutes late. It takes time to find out how to turn up the master volume 😉

For once, the DJ wasn’t too bad, he atleast tried to mix unlike some other people playing music there.

Around midnight we hear a short announcement that Booty Luv were about to start. What can I say? Everyone ran over to the podium, squishing everything in the way. The funny thing was, after 10 minutes, it was over. Booty Luv was gone.

I must say, that was the shortest performance I have ever seen. Unbelievable. How cheap is the SU?

To round this post off, here’s a small video of the shortest performance ever. Sorry for the crappy footage.

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