Epic Fail Upgrade


as you might have seen, I upgraded my blog, new theme as usual and now running the latest version of WordPress. This had some problems though.

I used Transmit to upload the files, and I said replace files. Apparantly this program is soo stupid, that it replaces folders, not it’s contents. Oops, my entire upload library was gone. All plugins too.

I had a backup from June this year, so I had to unpack that partially. Not easy, as I use Plesk, with it’s proprietary Backup system. But they finally released a KB article, describing how to unpack their backups which can be found here.

So now I have finally recovered most of the data, and all is getting back to normal.

My recommendation: Do not use Transmit. It’s a crappy FTP client, and it doesn’t get the fact that Replace is not folder replace but file replace.

Just a side note: Gravatar is back!!!

So my question is, what FTP client do you use on Mac?

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  1. Casual 8. December, 2008 @ 3:51 pm

    Cyberduck, of course.

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