July 2008

This just arrived from our ISP.

Good morning,

The consumption of our network has exceeded 100Gbps over the whole 280Gbps of total capacity that we have between us and the Internet.

We are the largest hoster in Europe in terms of use and of network capacity. (soon it will be the largest in hoster in terms of the number of servers hosted).

We are currently working to establish new connections, who will allow us to pass from 280Gbps to 350Gbps of network capacity with new peering points (Espanix, Tix, MIX, NIX, PL-IX, WIX, VIX).

Today and tomorrow we will install our infrastructure in 5 London
datacentres then increase the capacity of 1Gbps at Linx to 2x10G.
Next week we install Brussels at 2 datacentres and Amsterdam at 3 datacentres. Then Warsaw, Prague, Vienna, Milan, Zurick, Frankfurt and Madrid.

Also, we are interconnecting new capacity at Teleglobe, Global Crossing and Level3, Paris, London and Amsterdam.

We will interconnect any operator in 11 capitals to any peering point in the 11 capitals for the simple price structure of 100Mbps = 100Euro. And so if an AS lies in Frankfurt and wants 100Mbps on Espanix, the realization of the circuit takes 3 minutes (+ time to move the cables between our facilities and the customer and our facilities and peering point).

At the same time, we will start the tender transit 100Mbps = 100Euro also in the 11 capitals.

These services are oriented to small networks that now pay high prices for IP services precisely because they are small. We believe that when you’re little, you should pay little.

For our transiting, we use for Cisco MPLS layer and Force10 for the switching layer. It runs 10G. For transport between capitals we use our own network based on a Infinera 160x10G capacity. For transport in South and Eastern Europe  we use wavelengths 10G-based network Interoute. We expect to build links to own as soon as we need more 2x10G.

Cool ey?

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It’s been a hell of a weekend until now. Travelling all across Belgium, and ofcourse the pre-launch of the Cold War Crisis mod.

Flosoft.biz provided 2 mirror servers with the release on it, so I thought I might post a small summary of the damage caused 🙂

The total data transferred was 184GB from both mirrors. This means about 600 people downloaded the mod in the first 24 hours.

Below you can find a few graphs of the mirrors. Please note that the scale changes.

If you haven’t had a chance to grab it, get it on Monday, when it’s officially released!

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a friend (Ben) and myself are planning to create a small funny publicity spot for Jabber at the Brussels Airport. The reason we are doing this, is that we are applying to the IAD, a film school, and need a demonstration video.

So far, we have a rough script, and some ideas. We have contacted the Brussels Airport, who told us that there is a quite a high fee for filming at the airport (at least high for students).

The total cost, consisting of film rights for 2 hours, access passes for the crew (consisting of 5 people) would come up to 350€. This is why we are looking for sponsors.

Funny ideas are of course always welcome too.

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Nokia E71

Nokia E71

Finally! The phone I have been waiting for has been released! About a year ago I bought the Nokia E61, and I have been extremely happy with it. It’s a great phone, and there are a lot of cool applications that run on it.

But now, Nokia has released the E71! If you haven’t heard of it yet, you should definetly read the full report over at boygeniusreport.com.

In short, it has all the features you could ever dream of. A 3.15 Megapixel camera with autofocus, flash, a secondary video call camera, built in gps, MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player, a normal headphone Jack…. it’s a dream phone!

Now, you might think, thats nice, but I will never be able to afford it. And thats where you’re dead wrong! Nokia.de officially sells it at 459€. Thats quite ok! I will try to get one for less ofcourse, but 459€ is very ok for that phone!

The full phone specs can be found over at gsmarena.

Over and out!

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Preliminary Jabber.me logo

Preliminary Jabber.me logo

Evening guys (no girl is reading this blog anyway),

I thought I might just share my idea of Jabber.me here. As with all of my projects, the aim is to conquer the world (I am used to failure by now) and to offer the Jabber Community a fully equipped Jabber server. So let’s start off with the basics.

Jabber Server

We will deploy Tigase on our Dynamic Clustering Model. We have been using Tigase now for more than 6 months and are very happy with it. It supports our Dynamic Clustering, and allows us to scale up and down within minutes, so we can make sure you don’t experience any problems with the service.

Google Mail? We can do that!

Do you want a nice and short E-mail adress? Easily done! Your Jabber Account is actually also an E-mail account! So you can receive E-mails via Jabber, or your default E-mail client, using the same adress as your Jabber ID. You will be able to use your favourite E-mail client with IMAP support, so you can get your E-mails anywhere.

PubSub! I heard that somewhere!

PubSub has been in everyone’s mouth over the last few weeks. It’s that cool thing no-one actually knows what it does, but everyone has to have. It’s like these things with laser in the name. You hear laser, and every guy in the room wants to have it. So yeah, Jabber.me will have PubSub, and we actually have an idea what to do with it!

You’ll be able to publish your own blog on PubSub, so your friends can subscribe to your blog using their Jabber account and get notified the second you publish your post. And the best part is, we’ll provide easy plugins for your blog, so that you can get it up and running in a few seconds! That’s just cool!

Web & Widgets

The Web is a place where everyone has been to at least once in his life. I always wanted to have a small badge on my personal site, where you could see my Jabber Status, and start talking to me just by clicking on that badge. That’s what I call a widget, not a gadget (joke), and it should also work without Dashboard. Jabber.me will give you the possibility to create these easily, and add them to anything you want.

Free Phone Calls? Gimme, Gimme, gimme!

It’s true! Flosoft.biz is currently working on VoIP services, and those also include calling of fixed landlines and mobiles. I don’t know how we can do this yet, but we will find a way. The aim is to let the users call other users, and regular phones for free. Any ideas on how we could accomplish that via XMPP are welcome.

MicroBot – One Bot to rule them all!

You have Twitter, Jaiku, Identi.ca and probably some other MicroBlogs. It’s nearly impossible to keep them all up to date. This is where MicroBot comes in. Using MicroBot, you’ll be able to post to all your MicroBlogs at once.

Powering Development

With Jabber.me, we want to support the small developers, especially of server components. Developers will be able to upload and load their components to Jabber.me, and make them available to all. A few clicks, and your development code is running on our servers, allowing all the users to test it, and give immediately feedback. Cool ey? 🙂

Last but definetly not least: No Ads!

Ads are annoying. So I promise you, there will be no Ads EVER on Jabber.me! Not a single pixel of ads!

Well, that’s all the ideas I have for tonight; imagine what I can come up with in a little more time! So sit back, think about it, and maybe come up with even more cool features for Jabber.me!

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.me is about you! It’s official. Yesterday at 17:00 you were able to register .me domains! I have gotten jensen.me and jabber.me / xmpp.me . There’s definetly coming up there soon.

But for now, as with all my other florianjensen domains, you can also access my blog via jensen.me!

More info about the .me TLD can be found at::: .ME Domain ::

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As you may have expected, Flosoft.biz has been working over the last few months on their new VPS offers. After nearly 2 months of work, they are ready, and have launched their offer. Their plan to revolutionize the VPS market has succeeded.

Their VPS08 beats the competition on all levels. For comparison we will use Rimu Hosting, VPS Link (Spry) and Media Temple.


RAM is often the main problem with VPS. The VPS08 offers 256MB Ram in it’s base model, and it can be extended to up to 8GB at a price of 4€ / 256MB. The 256MB model costs 9,99€.

The competition is a lot more expensive: Rimu Hosting’s machine Miro VPS2 has 256MB Ram too, and costs 29,95$; VPS Link’s Link 3 costs 24,95$; Media Temple, at 50$ for (dv) Base, is the most expensive of the 4 VPS options.


Harddisk storage is also often very limited on the VPS. The VPS08 comes with 20GB by default, which can be extended to up to 1TB at the price of 2,50€ / 5GB. Again, the machine costs 9,99€.

Rimu Hosting offers up to 16GB of storage on it’s Miro VPS4 at the price of 49,95$. VPS Link’s Link 4 comes with a 20GB Harddisk too, but at the price of 39,95$. Last, but definitely not least, Media Temple, it’s (dv) Base comes with 20GB at the price of 50,00$. Again, a clear advantage for the VPS08 of Flosoft.biz.

Connection & allowed traffic:

Don’t you hate when your machine gets shut down because you exceeded your traffic? Or that when you get your monthly invoice, you see that you have to pay a lot more than you thought because you exceeded your traffic limit? Well, Flosoft.biz doesn’t believe in them, and thus offers it’s VPS without any traffic limit. Again we are talking about 9,99€. This is not some fair use policy, or anything else, but real unlimited traffic.

Do we still have to look at the competition? Quickly said, no other ISP offers unlimited traffic. If you want more than 1TB, you are paying at least 150$ a month.


The VPS08 is a lot cheaper than any offers from Flosoft.biz’s competition. Get one today while they’re still available!


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