Jabber + Google Maps = World of Jabber

You probably remember the Jabber World Map by Ralph Meijer. The problem there was, crowded areas were difficult to decode.

World Of JabberDuring my morning tour of Websites and RSS feeds, I have found a post on Jabberforum.org by Sublime Porte about a new Jabber World Map. The post can be found here.

This Map is based on Google Maps, and uses your vCard profile feeds to get the location. He says that in future he wants to use the XEPs XEP-0080 and XEP-0154 for the user location. This might be a project to keep an close eye on 😉

To use it, simply add geolocator@jabbering.org to your Jabber Roster. A few minutes later, you’ll find yourself on the Map.

World Of Jabber Homepage

Update: I was just told, that it is based on SleekXMPP.

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  1. Astro 27. June, 2008 @ 11:48 am

    Jobble has been there much longer.

  2. Sublime Porte 28. June, 2008 @ 6:15 am


    Yes a big thanks goes out to kev and fritz for creating sleekxmpp and sleekbot, the best modular python api for xmpp, on which this is all based, and for providing support when I got stuck with it a few times.


    This project (World of Jabber) has just begun, and is still in testing stages, Jobble and Ralph’s maps are obviously much more mature projects. And in fact it was Jobble that directly inspired me to do this. Unfortunately, contrary to their claims it’s not really “fully automated”, I found after I signed up with them, that I still had to goto their site and manually update my presence. World of Jabber is an attempt to make this a truly automated process, whereby the presence information is gleaned from your own profile ‘vCard’, and in future via the geoloc features mentioned in the XEP’s above.

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