is preparing for a reload! Beta PrivateA friend of mine was not really understanding how works today, so I spent a bit of my afternoon on the Website, and found out, that there is a new private beta of the new Website and Service. PlanningIt all started on paper, well actually no. That would be old-fashioned. So let’s try this again: It all started on a glass table. That’s something you haven’t seen before. And before you don’t believe me, here’s a picture of that table.

The new Service comes with many new features, which improve the usability and speed of the Website, and also give you a lot of new features.

So I thought, I might as well share some information about it with you guys. So here goes.

The library. Your entire music profile made visible, down to every last artist and track. Add to it by scrobbling or with the click of a button. Browse it, play it, and get new music recommendations based on it.

Real-time charts. Yes, finally! Every track you scrobble gets added to all of your charts. Instantly. No more waiting for Sunday and praying to the chart gods…

Plus… Activity feeds, all-new visual styles, an improved music player, sharing, podcasts, and more.

We’re only getting started, but feel free to have a play, give us your feedback, and help spot bugs.

We’ll be expanding the beta and opening it up to more users in the coming weeks. In the meantime, subscribers can find out how to access the beta site now at the Beta Group.

In short. It rocks!

But I can tell you a lot. Just look at these screenshots, and you’ll be convinced! Beta Readme Beta Recommendations Beta Playlists Beta Charts Beta Library

If you are interested in other stuff, check out their Build and their Playground.

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