Slovenia sparks EU nuclear alert

A leak of coolant has prompted Slovenia to shut down the reactor at its only nuclear power plant.

ChernobylThe Commission alerted all 27 EU member states under its Ecurie early warning system for nuclear emergencies.

The European Commission says there has been no discharge into the environment. No explosion was reported either.

A safe shutdown is in progress at the Krsko plant, which has a US-made pressurised water reactor. It supplies energy to Slovenia and Croatia.

“There is no influence on the environment and we do not expect any,” said Slovenia’s nuclear safety chief Andrej Stritar, quoted by Reuters news agency.

However, this is the same thing they said for 3 days about Chernobyl. Let’s wait and see.

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  1. U5K0 4. June, 2008 @ 11:24 pm

    Why this is such a big news item I will never understand. Anyone who knows the first thing about modern nuclear power plant design knows that there is absolutely no danger of contamination or meltdown. Note that Chernobyl was a power plant which was also designed to produce weapons material and for that reason corners were cut. Just to illustrate the absurdity of this situation:

    A few liters of slightly radioactive water spilled out of the system onto the flor of a building capable of surviving a direct impact by a military jet. Further there is a 50cm steal capsule in place which seals the whole reactor portion off from the rest of the world inside this bunker.

    I hope people realise the extent of their ignorance and paranoia.

    PS: I live in Slovenia

  2. U5K0 5. June, 2008 @ 12:05 am

    It’s obvious that the media lacks any kind of objective proportion-ism.

    1.) Let’s get the Chernobyl thing out of the way first. The fact is that the plant there was made to serve as a hybrid: It was to produce energy as well as weapons material. This and other reasons led to corners being cut and… well we all know what happened.

    2.) The water which leaked is slightly radioactive because it contains minute traces of ions from the stainless steal tubes it runs through. these ions are routinely collected from the water and concentrated until you get a grayish mush, which is … wait for it … as radioactive as medical items from a cancer ward!!!!!!!!!!

    3.) This water leaked into the core area. That is a room inside a very thick cast iron capsule, which is itself placed in a reinforced concrete structure capable of surviving a full impact from a plane like the F16 for example.

    4.) In order for the nuclear reaction to proceed, water is needed. And guess what… that’s the same water that cools the reactor core. So even if all the cooling water leaked out and no-one did anything the reactor would just stop on its own because of the physics of the situation (this is a feature Chernobyl didn’t have)!!!!!!!!!



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