HP Laptop = Dead :(

My laptop didn’t wake me up this morning 🙁 . It seems to have some problems with it’s graphic card. Nothing appears on the screen. After a hard reset, it doesn’t start anymore 🙁 .

The screen stays dark, and there is an BIOS error sound: Long-Short-Short

So I contacted HP today, it is getting picked up tomorrow, and I hope I will get it back during the next week. Monday would be nice, as I will leave in direction of the office on Tuesday.

So let’s see how good the HP service is. For now, I am quite happy. I got all the information directly, after a chat session with the support Desk.

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  1. Matti 12. March, 2008 @ 6:08 pm

    Do you know the “10 cm Reset” it works fine on old Computers like “Atari-ST”

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