– The Revolution!

This is unbelievable! by LogitechThis morning I got a message from a friend of mine, about signing a deal with Logitech, and to ship a home entertainment device. It looks great, it has nice features, but it is too expensive. By signing this deal, finally arrives in your Home Entertainment System and leaves your Desktop PC.

But that’s not all!!

On their Blog they say: As of today, you can play full-length tracks and entire albums for free on the website

It’s a pity that it is only available from the UK, US and Germany for now, but hey … you can use Proxies 🙂 . So now you can listen to full length tracks for free! It is limited to 3 times per song, but they’ll soon have a new subscription for unlimited!

Here are some pictures of all the free stuff! Free1 Free2

This is clearly a big month for!

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