AOL adopting XMPP aka Jabber

by Florian Jensen

Proprietary protocols are things from yesterday. Today, Opensource technologies are taking over the world! AOL / ICQ has just launched a test server using XMPP, an open technology. This means that you’ll soon be able to talk to your ICQ / AIM contacts via Jabber. Google has already started using it. So who’s next? MSN!

AOL seems to be making its ICQ and AIM services compatible with XMPP: PS: it’s still buggy and is only claimed to work in Exodus and Coccinella. It works in nearly all Jabber clients. But that is probably because the server is overloaded.

There has been a vivid discussion today on the Jdev MUC room about this. It looks like Jabber will be the solution which will rule the future of all messengers.

You can try to log in to ICQ with the username on server on port 5222. TLS is required.

Let’s see what happens in the next few months with Jabber.

You can find Jabber Hosting for your Domain on . You’ll probably be able to chat to your ICQ contacts soon!

UPDATE: AIM seems to work too!

UPDATE2: There is a tutorial here on how to setup your Jabber Client

UPDATE3: I just recieved this picture from jjkobra. It works with Gajim! AOL adopting XMPP aka Jabber

UPDATE4: It seems to work in Psi too!

UPDATE5: A comment by AOL. 

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54 Responses to “AOL adopting XMPP aka Jabber”

  1. I hope soon that every body will start using Jabber.
    Let’s fight, to win!
    Long life to Jabbber.

  2. Confirmed working in gajim on win32. This is an amazing find, thank you.

  3. Works just fine in Adium on OS X as well. One client I’m sending to is seeing html tags in the messages though.

  4. Although host finds in DNS two servers available (,, only the first one works.

  5. GAJIM 0.11.4 on linux working, but….some things are really fun. (for example the nick i see as mine is changing randomly – but just at ICQ, other account works well)

  6. Holy cow. Only 8 years late to the party. Still, I never thought I’d hear this news.

  7. Great! I’m just wandering how did they discovered it (I mean stpeter, Kev and so) :)

  8. Too bad I don’t have any AIM/ICQ contacts

  9. It seems like the major websites are all starting open source technologies, including yahoo and google, i found a blog for all the sites that have started using open soruce,

  10. Finally, people are getting the brain to work back.

  11. Will it be possible to send messages to icq contacts from another jabber server?

  12. wait… icq still exists?

  13. It was always possible to add ICQ contacts over a Jabber server if the server supported an ICQ transport ( But its good to see AOL offering it!

  14. Hi.

    THX for the info :)

    Anyone else getting warnings about self signed certificate?

  15. work better…

  16. Before you declare Mission Accomplished! – there seems to be a, and my SIP client can connect there as well.

  17. The roster items that are being returned are not valid.

    <item xmlns=”” jid=”…

    the empty namespace will break clients that are namespace correct.

  18. Hmmm… that website refers to a competition that occurred back in late *2006*. Has this gateway in fact been around since then?

  19. Cyrillic don’t work.

    I can’t receive cyrrilic (russian) messages!


  20. Pidgin works too.

  21. Hey Flo,

    Thanks for blogging about our commitment to openness. We’ve been working
    really hard over the past few years in making all of our services more
    open and standards based, working with the SIP as well as the
    Jabber/XMPP communities. Our XMPP gateway at, which
    we’ve been working on for a while now, is just one approach we’re
    tinkering with. As you pointed out, though, this particular server at is a test server, so I wouldn’t count on it being
    reliable or even continuously available until we put some more work into
    it to bring it up to our standards.

    In the meantime, keep your eyes open for more announcements from us
    soon. We’re excited by the work we’re doing and the support we’ve
    received from the broader internet community and hope you’ll be just as
    excited by what we’ve got to offer.

    -Edwin Aoki
    -Technology Fellow/Lead Architect, AOL Products

  22. Dear Edwin Aoki,

    thank you for posting here. It’s great to hear from someone like AOL that they are interested in working with Open Standards. I think that with XMPP you have made a wise choice, and it would be nice to see that AOL might even make some of their code open-source? :)

    Thanks again,

    Florian Jensen

  23. What would also be great would be support for syndication (which is reported not to be currently supported on that test server), to allow interoperability both with other large networks like Google Talk and with many small Jabber servers.

  24. Now if they all added a unified SIP infrastructure for voice/video, we could all ditch proprietary skype for something open standards and interoperable.

  25. >we could all ditch proprietary skype
    Not necessary. Skype just will be the next who will join (or will be forced to join) to the XMPP :)

  26. In the Jabber World, Jingle, used by Google Talk’s voice chat as well as others, seems to be more promising that integrating SIP, though interoperability between SIP and Jingle is possible.

  27. @Nekuia: not so fast. SASL support, needed for connecting to, will be in SamePlace starting from 0.9 (current is 0.8). Thanks for the mention, though. :-)

  28. mmm… in pidgin, what do i write in Resource field? like
    now this blahblah is the value of the Resource field, and i just can’t figure out what it is… could anyone enlightenment please? tnx

  29. @ Kevin: Don’t you mean Federation? And yes, I agree, if AOL could create federation so that any XMPP-server could speak to it, I for one would be very happy. It’d eliminate the need for ICQ and AIM transports completely.

    Still, even this is a huge step towards interoperability. Not quite there yet, but thank you Edwin for you and your team’s hard work! I hope we’ll see a federated 2008! :)

    Now, if only MSN and Yahoo would go the same path…

    Sergiu: Resources are a bit hard to explain… Since you can be logged in with multiple clients, each client has a separate resource. I usually put my host name in there, or the place I am currently (on my desktop computer I use ‘home desktop’ and on my laptop I use ‘laptop’ etc).

  30. okay…its been 2 days and ive tried everything to get pidgin to connect to my AIM account via XMPP

    ive tried suggestions from a variety of websites, including this:

    …but nothing seems to work. can anyone help me out on this?

  31. Hey echohead,

    I tried to connect today, but I was unable to. I think the server is hopelessly overloaded. As Edwin Aoki said, it’s just a small test server. Now think of just all the digg users connecting to it. It won’t be able to handle them, if it is just a small test machine. I am sure it will be back in a few days / weeks though.



  32. @Edwin Aoki
    Does this mean that Aol Users will finally be able to contact gtalk and livejournal users
    and maybe even use gateways

  33. Hey,

    the theme shown on the screenshot is very nice! It think, it’s kde, right? But which theme (where can I found it?) and what else are done, get a look like this?


  34. And just a year ago everyone doubted unified communications.. this move by AOL is definitely towards more convergence of IM. The future steps are for multi-session too. Log into more than one profile, and conference between multiple protocols.

    The server-side translation is good.. what we really want are all-encompassing clients that allow us to use IM/voice the way we should be able to (browse and start talking rather than worry about which client, protocol, which address or number, etc).

  35. Unfortunately I can’t get it to work in Adium, but It’s possible that the overload of the server is the reason… I hope so!

    I’m trying to get Jabber to the people in my home country, Luxembourg, but it’s not that easy :)

  36. Is this server working now..? when can we expect the official release of aol xmpp server ?

  37. Good question. And I have no idea :)

  38. Yawn. Wake me up when we can add existing AIM contacts as jabber contacts (i.e., when AOL federates their messaging). Yet another way to login to AIM doesn’t help me at all.

  39. I can’t get this to work with Pidgin…

    Also, can i add my aim contacts to another Jabber account, GTalk, for example.

    Is it a problem that my AIM screen name is my email address (it has an @ symbol in it).


  40. I downloaded one of the XMPP Client library from but it is unable to authenticate with the given server settings. Is it still working?

  41. No, I don’t think so. But it would be nice if other networks would finally start doing something like this too.

  42. wat crap, just wondering why don’t all chat servers start using XMPP…lets pray we see that day soon

  43. Wake me up when we can add existing AIM contacts as jabber contacts (i.e., when AOL federates their messaging resimler Yet another way to login to AIM doesn’t help me at all.

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