My life reflections

Fellow Bloggers and Blog readers,

I wanted to take a few minutes here to reflect on my life and share some parts of it with you.

I was born the 21.07.1989 in Brussels, and since then been living there. As I can’t remember that much of my early years, I’ll just skip them.

As some of you might know, I am very often on my Laptop or PC. This started at the age of 7, when my brother put the PC into my room, as he didn’t have enough place. From that day on, I was fascinated with it. I could tell you alot of other stories about IT and myself, but there are alot of other things too.

A big part of my time, I spend with my best mate Marc, who lives a few houses away. We have done alot of crazy stuff, such as work at NRJ for the show NPLP. The best thing about that time was, that we always did a small tour of Brussels at night after the show finished. The only time I thought that I would get into trouble, was a night when we came back from Brussels and nearly crashed the car into a tree, but somehow we we’re lucky. Then ofcourse we have spent countless hours watching movies in his home cinema. I don’t think that I would be able to watch that many films alone, hehe.

Then, in June 2007, I was elected a Member of the XSF (XMPP Standards Foundation), a foundation which works on the future standards of the internet and communication.

Currently I am working on the relaunch of the site as system admin, alongside with other great people, such as Peter Saint-Andre (a.k.a. stpeter), and Robert Martinez.

Ow, and before people tell me again, that I don’t do shit for school, I thought I might change that this year, and start doing some homework, as I think that the European Baccalaureate is the next big event in my life.

Here are just some sites I usually spend time on: – The new Jabber Website! – Peter Saint-Andre’s Website – A great author, you must definitely read his stories!

Thats all for now.

Hope you learnt something about me.

Florian Jensen

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