My new Notebook

My LaptopHey,

since Friday I have a new Laptop! It is a very fast HP Pavillion Notebook (dv2386ea).

It was shipped with Vista Home Premium, which supports multitasking alot better than XP. Now I can work with Photoshop, Flash and copy files at the same time.

It has about 4 hours battery life, and is extremely fast thanks to the Core2Duo processor.

A demo of the design can be found here.

Another nice thing is that it is onl 14inch big. Mobility is very important for me, as I use my laptop everywhere.


Core2Duo 1,86

2GB Ram

Vista Home Premium

LightScribe dual layer DVD Burner

160GB HDD @ 5400RPM

Only 2,43kg!

As you can see, all I need!

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  1. kaiyin 17. June, 2007 @ 5:18 pm

    only 4 hours…
    btw, why dont u use ubuntu or win2k?
    vista is pretty, but it is like so slow.
    got to:


  2. Florian Jensen 18. June, 2007 @ 5:02 pm

    Win2k is old and not built for Laptops but for Workstations / Servers.

    Vista is pretty, but not slow. It uses the Dual Core far better than XP did.

    I know .. I am powering Ubuntu, but I got Vista HP for free, and I am using it as I need to use CS3.

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