Dell Laptops with Ubuntu now for sale!

Finally they are here. Dell Laptops shipping with Ubuntu 7.04! This is a huge step for the OpenSource and Linux community. It will probably change the entire way of how people think of Linux, and will probably abolish the idea of Linux being a user unfriendly and console based system.

A few minutes ago everyone on the Dell mailinglist recieved this message:

They’re here! Today we’re unveiling our three consumer systems — the XPS 410n and Dimension E520n desktops and the Inspiron E1505n notebook — with the Ubuntu 7.04 Linux distribution factory installed. Available today in the U.S., the systems target the Linux enthusiast community and are a direct result of your feedback on IdeaStorm[1]. It’s true… you will be able to customize and purchase Dell’s Ubuntu systems at

Just as you asked, the base price for each system is competitively priced and fully configured. Hardware support is available through normal Dell support channels, along with the option of selecting Ubuntu-specific support through Canonical, and a variety of software support options are available. has all the details about the configurations and the support options. And check out today’s post on Direct2Dell[2] to watch a vlog from Dell’s Linux Engineering team sharing their perspectives on today’s announcement. Be sure to stop by and tell us what you think on Direct2Dell[3].


Ow .. just one last thing: In your face Windows / Mac!

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