Hello from Ireleand!

I wanted to say, that we have arrived in Ireland without any problems. After the one and a half hour flight from Charleroi to Shannon with Ryanair, we arrived in Ireland! On the first day we have seen Bunratty Castle. Bunratty Castle was an important place which secured the Shannon River. Arnoud found a bell, which was heavier than he had expected. The result of that was that he now has a quite big bump on his head. After that, we had a 2 hour drive to the city of Cork, where we got our rooms in our youth hostel. After that, we quickly went to the University to have our lunch. A pity that we were a bit late, so that we didn’t have a big choice between different meals.

In the evening we were free to go to the City. Christoph, Robina, Jeroen and myself went to the city centre. Cork has a really nice city centre.

Below you can find a few pictures. Please note that I haven’t had any time to let them go through Photoshop yet. You will be able to find all pictures sooner or later in my gallery!


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