To all the girlz out there!

VickyI talked to Vicky … and she wanted to share this message with the world:

Ok, I’m pissed off, really pissed off… I broke up with my ex who i was with for two years, thinking i was making the right decision.. but no!

When i met him he was working on Place de Luxembourg and i was working next door. We went out every night with all the bar staff, and slowly i got to know him better. I liked him and he was cute (the one at the far left!) I dumped the guy i was with for two years leaving the poor guy really depressed. Newayz, about the new guy…

Slowly i lost my job because he was too jealous and also he was convinced my boss liked me, so i got fired. Plus lost my apartment with my deposit because he didn’t trust me.. then i went back home to my dads, and started studying (At the time, i didn’t see what he was actually doing to me) newayz the lil sh*t head rang my dad every time i didn’t pick up the phone, and yelled at me if i was late at home. I wasn’t allowed to see any of my old friends because he was convinced they liked me or that they were lezbian :S .

2 months later ( a week ago) i tried to dump him, but in the middle of everyone he started crying.. :S … ARGHHH i cant get rid of him!!

I felt sorry for him and couldn’t do that to him in front of everyone.

So today … I went shopping with an old friend in town.. i came back home.. and found out from a friend that he was on my MSN, plus changed my name and deleted emails! I’m going mad, i seriously am :p :S

What do i do? but then i remember how he was like before.. sweet, cute, and everything i want in a guy. Ooooo I forgot to tell you bout the time he nearly hit someone at a concert because the guy came a lil too close to me, even though the whole place is packed and its hard to stay 5m away from me! Its normal when a place is packed ppl by accident get close! you see??? well anyway .. (that was the same night of the photo of him and all his weird friends) .. and the guy with funny teeth if you look close.

And now i really regret leaving the guy i was with for two years (Kurt), but hes moved on so its too late. I WAS SO STUPID!!!.. .. this guy could be a stalker.. :p :s but its weird how much ppl can change and how people can act out there ”first impression move” so get someone!

newayz some rules for all the girls

  1. Don’t go out with guys with friends with funny looking teeth
  2. Don’t make your decision on ”first impressions” ( by the way lotsa spelling mistakes cos of my French)
  3. Guyz can be really weird!
  4. Wen your happy don’t leave someone until your a 100% sure or u’ll might regret it one day!
  5. The jealous guyz never show that their jealous until much later, as soon as you see that, do something cos otherwise you get stuck.
  6. Jealous guyz don’t change, their alwayz jealous


So to all you people who have read this, comment!

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  1. Julien 23. March, 2008 @ 7:31 am

    am i a jealous guy ?????????????????????????????????????

    tu joues à quoi?????

    tu as dis toute la vérité???

    r u sure butcher?????

    tu veux que j’explique tes mensonges????

  2. Julien 23. March, 2008 @ 7:38 am

    retires cet article, toi et moi on ne se connait pas… !!! ok?? je peux mettre ta photo sur mon site et raconter n’importe quoi si je le veux !!!
    donc ….
    donne à vicky mon numéro …. dis lui qu’elle a des excuses à faire !!!

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