Windows Live Mail Preview Launch in the Netherlands

Windows Live Mail Preview has been launched in the Netherlands the 9. November 2006.

You can now upgrade your Hotmail adress to an Windows Live Mail adress if you live in the netherlands. But you can also create a new account with if you want a shorter mail adress.

Why the Netherlands?

Well, the Netherlands is a prime location for the preview because of the local popularity of Hotmail, the very product that Windows Live Mail is a successor to. In fact, one in three people in the Netherlands has a Hotmail account! We will be using this experience to test some new scenarios, like those surrounding Windows Live IDs , as well as to go deeper into customer feedback. We will then incorporate and make improvements based on this feedback before launching in additional markets in the coming months.

What does this mean for the Netherlands?

If you live in the Netherlands, you can now:

  • Convert your existing Hotmail ID from the Hotmail experience to the Windows Live Mail experience
  • Your e-mail address will stay the same, but you will start using Windows Live Mail.
  • Your existing mail and contacts will follow you.
  • Create a new Windows Live ID ( to use with Windows Live Mail
  • These accounts are new accounts, separate from your existing Hotmail account. This means that mail and contacts in your existing Hotmail address will not follow you at this time.

However, we’re working hard to support the migration of your existing Hotmail account to an account. That’s coming soon!

Personally I can only say: Microsoft, you are running behind! GMail has alot more space, and their interface is available for everyone!

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